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6404 Buck Creek Road Oskaloosa, KS 66066

Which kind of stay would you like to book?
Commnication Preference
Owner would like the pets requested on this booking to be allowed in playgroups. Owner understands and acknowledges that there is always the possiblity of injury to pet either itself or by another dog, and that dogs may be unpredictable. Owner hereby understands they will accept all ownership and liability associated with being in a playground during their stay with The Ridge Pet Resort
My Dog is up to date on all shots and heath history
My Dog is spayed or neutered?
If you are a new client how did you hear about us?

The Ridge Pet Resort is a family run business. We do not accept liability for any injuries, pre-existing or possible pre-existing conditions your pet may have or experience during their stay. If something does arise our commitment is to contact you with details of the event (photos if needed/obtained) to determine how the owner would like to proceed. If vet care or any other care is required, the owner of the pet agrees to pay in full the charges associated with the vet care.

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